OpenStack & OpenInfra Indonesia Meetup #17 with Domainesia - Offline Meetup 12 Dec, 2023

OpenStack & OpenInfra Indonesia Meetup #17 with Domainesia - Offline Meetup

OpenStack & OpenInfra Indonesia Meetup #17: Exploring Cloud Technologies in Yogyakarta

On December 17, 2023, Yogyakarta will host the 17th edition of the OpenStack & OpenInfra Indonesia Meetup. The event will take place at the Domainesia Office from 13:30 to 17:00, featuring two experienced speakers in the field of cloud technology.

The first speaker, Okta Arif Cahyawan, will delve into the topic of “DIY Cloud Playground: Exploring OpenStack with DevStack and Ngrok in Your Homelab.” With his expertise, Okta will guide participants in exploring OpenStack using DevStack and Ngrok in their own Homelab environments. This presents an exceptional opportunity for developers and IT practitioners to gain a deep understanding of using OpenStack in the context of development and testing.

The second speaker, Fadilah Riczky, will share insights on “An Easy Way to Install Kubernetes with k3s for Beginners.” In this ever-evolving era, Kubernetes has become a foundational element for managing containers and distributed applications. Fadilah will guide participants through the process of installing Kubernetes using k3s, providing an easily understandable approach, especially for beginners looking to embark on their journey in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

This event not only offers practical insights through presentations but also creates opportunities for direct interaction and discussion with speakers and fellow participants. The exchange of thoughts and experiences at this event can serve as a catalyst for the growth of knowledge and professional development in the field of cloud technology.

OpenStack & OpenInfra Indonesia Meetup #17 in Sleman, Yogyakarta, serves as an ideal platform for IT professionals, software developers, and cloud technology enthusiasts to deepen their understanding of OpenStack, Kubernetes, and other open infrastructure technologies.

For those interested in advancing their skills in the realm of cloud computing, this event provides a unique opportunity to learn from experts, share experiences, and build networks with fellow technology enthusiasts. Tune in to the inspirational presentations by Okta Arif Cahyawan and Fadilah Riczky to further explore the potential of cloud technology and open infrastructure in the future.

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